Thursday, February 1, 2018


It's all about the love you find in your life. Husbands, children and friends.

When we leave this earth what we leave behind is how we touched people's hearts and lives.

I don't love easily and I rarely remain in love.

I love you Carolyn. Always will.

Happy Birthday.

Looking forward to another year of friendship, blogging and you.


  1. Happy birthday Ms Carolyn! Hope it's a great day full of all things Cuties love. BIG HUGS


  2. Thank you both for your good wishes. I didn't get past Sam Elliott and just now saw this so please accept my apologies. You all are the best.

    Lori - I have great difficulty expressing intimate feelings but you know I love you right back. We've made a great team in the past and our time is not yet over. Heh.