Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RIP Ms. Fisher

She was more woman than this world usually knew how to handle. From a very young age, Carrie Fisher had more smarts, more wit, more self-awareness than people three times her age.

She was an icon. She played one of the first Princesses who could fight as well as a man. She wrote books that were laugh out loud funny as well as brilliantly truthful. She was feminism personified.

Her friendships with women were legendary and I imagine there are more women mourning the passing of 'one of us' than men mourning the passing of the hot princess in the swimsuit chained to the fat guy.

She was the inspiration of Paul Simon's finest albums (Hearts and Bones), she championed for mental illness and she never lied.

I wanted to be more like her. More fearless, more willing, stronger.

She was my super-hero in her everyday self.

I'm mourning today. The world lost so much talent this year but today it lost Carrie Fisher and that's just a fucking tragedy.


  1. This year...holy shit, this year.

    I saw a tweet yesterday, that said something like: Leia Organa taught me I could lead a rebellion. Carrie Fisher showed me I don't have to be perfect.

    And there was a quote from an interview, where she asked that her epitaph read, "She drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra."

    Godspeed, Ms Fisher, and thank you for sharing your magic with us.

  2. This year sucked arse, that's to be sure. With the exception of one highlight (for me at least) I don't think we can look back at this year with much love. Yes, celebrities die all the time but this many and some so young? It's not right.

    I'm not a Star Wars fan - saw maybe the first one (or is that now ep 4; who can keep up?) and I might have read a book but I don't care for it. Having said that though, I have liked Carrie in other things - her role in Blues Brothers always makes me laugh.

    I saw one of her specials where she embraced her life - good, bad and damn right ugly - and it was funny, sad, eye opening. Her trying to describe her family tree was a highlight.

    AS has been said, we have lost a shining light. RIP Carrie.