Monday, December 26, 2016

Ho Ho Ho

Happy day after Christmas, third night of Hanukkah and day off work.

My sister sent me 2 bags of chili cheese fritos because they aren't available on this island and I'm waiting till noon before I open a bag and go to town.

I'm glad the holidays are over.

I was completely into them from Thanksgiving till about the second week of December but then I got tired and wanted the whole thing to end. Now ended. Hooray.

It was a fun holiday. My SIL was going through chemo last year and sooooo sick, therefore this year she threw herself into the holidays and went a little crazy. But she was happy and that was what really mattered so very happy that she had a great holiday.

Hope all who drop in this blog had a lovely holiday. I know some of you were facing your first season without someone you love and my heart is hurting for you. I hope 2017 brings us more joy but I'm not convinced it will.

Love the people close to you. Show kindness. Accept kindness.

We're the ones who will be responsible for getting through the coming year with hearts intact. With love. With our backs turned to hate.

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  1. Happy belated holidays to you and yours Ms Lori, Ms Carolyn and your readers. I too am kind of glad it's almost over (they had hot cross buns in teh shops the day after for shits sake!) as I haven't really felt it this year - me, who loves this time of year.

    Here's hoping that 2017 brings with it all the love and joy y'all deserve. Love ya all xx