Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump and The Okay of Sexual Assault

You can't be on the internet right now and not have heard/heard of the recording of Donald Trump talking about how as a celebrity, he could just grab a woman by the pussy. Or his preferred method of come-on was just get her against the wall and start kissing her.

What he didn't say but was implicit: consent is for pussies.

This is a man who has sexualized his own daughters. Who judges women on looks. And who has his own successful, businesswoman daughter in an ad saying 'motherhood is a woman's most important job'.

In the room next door, my daughter is watching videos with her best friend. Neither of them is interested in motherhood. Does that mean they will never be successful? If Trump doesn't find either of them attractive, does that mean they have no worth? And they're both Asian which means that some won't even consider them 'real Americans'.

So if all of this came out and Trump was advertising Celebrity Apprentice 15, we know he'd get dumped by his network, nobody would ever agree to work with him again and he'd fade into anonymity. He would not be considered acceptable by anyone and nobody would fight for him to remain on the air.

So why are they fighting for him to become president? People who will point fingers at Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife, have no issues with Trump saying he would grab your daughters by the pussy if they were attractive enough for him.

How is Donald Trump still a motherfucking candidate for the highest office in this nation? How can the RNC keep him? How can any human being who has the least amount of respect for others, still consider him a viable candidate?

I'm gobsmacked, folks. Completely gobsmacked. I want an explanation. And don't use Hillary as an example. Just explain why you're keeping Trump please.


  1. For the love of all that is holy, how can he still have supporters? I mean, sinceriously, I'm just as gobsmacked as you Lori. Can't they arrest him for being a prick?

    It's scary to think when you see all his rallies on teh tele, he has that many people in a room cheering him on, clearly ok with what he says and does. Even if only a third of them actually go and vote, that's a third too many.

    I have no say in your election of course but if spiritual votes count, then anyone but that arsehat gets mine. I actually feel a little sick to think he's made it this far. God (or whoever is up there) help us all if he makes it in.

  2. Because he appeals to the lowest denominator of people. To them, women are objects, and anyone who is not pure white, isn't human. To them, the orange shyster is an aspirational figure: he gets to say and do what they have wanted to say and do since forever.

    And the cowardice of the GOP for the past several decades, prizing 'winning' seats over duty to country, is what has allowed drumf to be where he is right now: at the top of the most deplorable ticket for the Presidency of the US, in the history of the country.

  3. What I find depressing is the number of women who still voraciously vocally support him. It was bad enough prior to this last insult, but now they can't seem to understand that it was not just 'locker room' talk but an admission of sexual assault.

    It's damn depressing and my FB feed is all politics these days and I keep reading, waiting to see what insult he'll provide next.

    There's a debate tonight.

    Tomorrow will be interesting.

  4. I found a thingy that you can add and click from your toolbar to remove all politics from your fb if you want it Carolyn :D

    I thought of it as an admission too and wonder why the cops haven't spoken to him. Then again, if someone can avoid taxes for 20 years, then he can probably worm his way out of this too...

    I just heard on the radio a snippet of a conversation between two of our pollies down here where the woman more or less defends Trump.

    Sorry, can't make link smaller but that's a snippet. Absolutely disgraceful. I don't like Derryn much but I like what he did here. Pauline should be ashamed of herself but of course she won't be. Nothing but a walking headline...