Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This Happened

So my dream job took a few twists and turns and although the job itself remained possibly the most enjoyable job I've ever had, the business decisions going on were becoming rather mind boggling. And since I felt that there was no question I would never get a raise but my responsibilities were guaranteed to grow, it was time to look elsewhere.

I went on one job interview on Wednesday morning last week. Answered one Craigslist ad the night before and a follow up email Wednesday morning.

Went to work Wednesday and did my job. Got a phone call Wednesday night from Craigslist ad employer and we did phone interview.

On Thursday was at  work and the COO invites herself to lunch with me and tells me that the entire business will probably be closing and what do I plan to do? I tell her that I am interviewing.

(Assumption: either she told the boss I was looking elsewhere or the people I interviewed called for a reference.)

End of day Thursday: boss tells me that I am laid off effective immediately. The business is failing and he knows that I'm unhappy and seeking other employment so I'm out.

(Note: I was surprisingly unmoved. I was shocked but didn't feel crushing disappointment or anger or much of anything. It was emotionally bland.)

Friday I get offered a new job.

Old boss breaks the law and is not paying me my final pay in a timely manner. Not a surprise.

Sunday at the beach run into ex-coworker who informs me that she is being told to cover my duties on top of her own and she doesn't have any idea what she's doing. She cries.

So this is how I feel: it was hard talking to the boss and asking to be paid what I'm worth and be acknowledged for my worth. Something he was completely unable to do. Not because I'm not worth it but because he truly doesn't care about others. And his inability to work with me once that was on the table finally came down to him letting me go for no other reason than I kept saying I deserved to be treated right.

I feel like this is what so many women are feeling. We demand we have voices and the response is to close the door and refuse to acknowledge our existence. Once we speak out for ourselves we become a threat and a nuisance and we must be gone.

I'm sad. But I know this was just the tip of my own tiny iceberg of sexism and unfair repercussions for being a woman with a voice. It's just ... hard. That's all I can say.


  1. I am so, so glad, so infinitely glad you got another job already!!!

    I'm sending you all the positive thought for a fantastic experience at your new position.

    And to your point: yes. Oh dear dog, YES. Even a menial position, such as working at a food franchise, can be made tolerable or utterly miserable, at the whim of the man on top--and it's a man, in my experience, just about 99.99% of the time.

  2. What AL said about the new job - whoop whoop, drinks are on you lol. Well done babe, that's awesome sauce. Let's just hope the new job is as enjoyable as the last but they treat you with respect and pay you what you're worth.

    As to the arsehattery from the last position *insert very not happy smiley here*. Honestly... It seems to me that the business needs to be shut down if that's what happens internally.

    As to co-worker... was she looking for sympathy? Maybe she was one of hte ones who had a hand in your decision to leave (looking at files etc) and now realizes how valuable you are.

    I suppose it doesn't really matter either way. You left and for good reason and have landed on your feet :D so leave them in the rear view mirror to suffer.

    HUGS for you my friend and many many good wishes that this job will be a big improvement on the last. I also hope that your boss - male or female - treats you well.


  3. The new job has more opportunity and better pay and benefits. The job itself will be different but I do believe I am qualified and able. I'm nervous as hell but looking forward to a company that honors its employees.

    I'm sad though. Where I was working meant something to me because I was just damned good at the job. It doesn't happen often enough that you just kick ass at what you do.

    And the co-worker is overwhelmed and over-worked. I feel bad for her. There were better ways to do all of it and they chose the low road rather than the higher, helpful one.

  4. Having been screwed over by my last company, I feel for ya babe. It sucks when you finally found the one job that will make you happily get out of bed and then it gets to this.

    Onwards and upwards I reckon. Oh and as a side note, put in some extra hours so you can take time off when I get there - we got some partyin' to do :D