Monday, October 10, 2016

Time For the Menfolk to Take a Breather

Last night's debate was really eye-opening and classic misogyny played right out for America. Beyond not apologizing to America for ever suggesting sexual assault was okay, Trump threatened Hillary, tried to throw Bill under the bus (when did he start running for president?) and he continued his physical demeaning ways as well as upped it.

Look at the pictures, folks. He stood behind her. He got in her space. He interrupted. And he threatened to jail her even though she has never been found guilty of any crimes.

I watched the debate with my jaw agape because I felt menaced. I felt like I was watching a man trying to break a woman. I felt his threat. I felt the physical difference between the two. He was breathing down her neck and he was breathing down mine.

Women understand men. We have to. From a young age we have men acting inappropriately toward us. We see behavior we aren't old enough to comprehend. We're touched at young ages, we're accosted with words, with unfriendly hands and suggestions we are shamed by.

We learn men because not learning what body language tells us, not learning what is okay and what is menacing could get us raped, could get us dead. My father was a predator and he started my education. I've been grabbed in public by strangers, I've been talked to as a piece of meat. I've been devalued all my life and I know what a threat looks like. Donald Trump acted like a threat last night and I actually felt fear. I felt like Hillary was being threatened with actual violence and it scared me.

This morning I'm shaky and teary. Some of it is what I saw. If you want to talk triggers, Trump played into a lot of mine.

If Donald Trump becomes president (and I really don't think he can), women need to coalition and gather their support together. Donald Trump hates women. Donald Trump is a predator. And we'll have the beginning of the worst fight of our lives.

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  1. I couldn't watch the full debate, because seeing Drumf's face and, specially, hearing his voice, makes me physically ill. (Triggers, indeed).

    When he stalked Hillary Clinton as she was answering questions, it terrified me. He's easily a foot taller, and probably at least 60 pounds heavier--it doesn't have to be muscle to be overpowering, after all. And his whole demeanor, that 'looking down his nose' at her, making her a thing, rather than a person.

    I don't know whether reading this would be helpful to you or not, but I found it to be so--particularly for all the embedded links to resources and studies.

    I'm just a tiny bit hopeful that at least these things are talking about in public.

    Yes, there are millions of assholes out there who truly consider women things to own and order about (whether they articulate this explicitly or not), and yes, there are women out there who see nothing wrong with that picture (particularly if they, personally, benefit from it--cue Drumf's female surrogates and his daughter Ivanka).

    But at least the majority of the population, who are able to learn and internalize equality, are now more aware of just how pervasive sexism truly is. They can't dismiss it as exaggeration, hysterics, or women being 'too sensitive.'

    Because now it's in their faces, in the person of the Repuglican nominee for President.