Saturday, May 21, 2016

Who Was That?

My daughter's birthday party is tomorrow so we headed out and spent the evening in Hilo (an hour's drive) to shop and dine out and shop some more.

So on the drive in, my usually quiet daughter chatted. And chatted. And laughed. And chatted more. And didn't stop talking well, all through dinner. And then we shopped and she kept talking.

Only when we were at the grocery store around 10pm did she finally run out of steam and driving home she zoned out.

But who was that talkative child? In 15 years that kid has never talked so much as she did tonight. It was bizarre, delightful, fun and so weird.

Otherwise, life is good. Party will have lots of food. We're excited and ready to play.

And I kinda finished my book but I think it might need to go through a severe re-write. So I decided to do something really stupid and send it out to a few editors in query to see if anyone will want to read more than the sample I sent.

While I'm waiting to get my ass kicked, I'm working on a nice little marriage of convenience story.

Ah life, Always a kick in the cojones.


  1. Go, Miss Mollie!

    (I love when you share these moments--the lovely, laughing, joyful ones, and the not-so-happy ones--because your love for each other come through every time)

    And go, Lori, brave woman you! Fingers crossed, good thoughts sent.

  2. You've always taken another positive step from the last time we talked when you post these updates. You go, Lori! If anyone deserves success, it's you.

    And go Miss Mollie, lol.

  3. Fingers crossed for the book and have a fun time with the party xx