Friday, May 27, 2016

TGIF, or as we're calling it here in sunny Honoka'a: TV land!

Happy long weekend!

My co-worker is on vacation for three weeks and I'm joyfully working her job while she's gone (as well as my own which means the piles of work I have are more than a little daunting) (but I am Super Woman so there). Anyway... since I'm doing her job I'm also taking care of her house.

And three Golden Retrievers, 4 cats and two rabbits. So Mollie and I were at the house yesterday and loving on the dogs who were loving on us and we had the ceiling fan going and Mollie said, "can we stay here?" which I've been saying for days so welcome to a long weekend vacation.

My co-worker's house, although a sty which I've been cleaning, has HUGE screen TVs, the afore-mentioned dogs, comfy couches, a dishwasher, fans and um, no family members.Love the family but love being away from them also.

We're excited. We get to spend 3 full days and nights in a house by ourselves, cooking for ourselves, eating protein and vegging out in front of a television. Although the truth is that Mollie got a new video game so she's going to connect it to the TV and play and I'm bringing my Kindle and computer so I plan to read and write.

We are gonna party, boring-style.

In other news, Mollie is done with Freshman year and we're eagerly awaiting grades. She's been #1 in her class all year but geometry kicked her ass this last quarter so we don't know if she'll end the year as top student. She hopefully will. Fingers crossed.

I celebrated my one year anniversary in my job and although I still love it, I'm not happy financially and my boss is avoiding talking to me because he knows it.

Life is good.

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  1. When will y'all hear about the grades? Thinking good things for Ms Mollie.