Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shutting Out the Internet

Mollie is out of school in a few weeks (Hawaii starts school in the end of July: very short summer)  and she'll be taking horseback riding lessons ($30/lesson)  and possibly a summer class of advanced math). Next year I intend to be FundRaising Mom since we have to earn enough money to pay for a trip to Oahu ($500) and I want to go as chaperone ($500), as well as a trip to Japan as part of an exchange program ($2000).

My car needs back brakes ($300), I desperately need work clothes (minimum $150) and we still have bills to pay ($100 gajillion).

But that's all just part of life.

I'm dieting. I want to lose weight to buy some nice pants for work because I prefer wearing pants at work and I can't find any that I like in my size. So I simply need to be a different size to have better choices. I've found that by announcing it to all and sundry I'll cause myself horrific embarrassment if I don't lose weight. So ha. I'm trying to paint myself into the proverbial corner.

I'm also trying to finish my book.

(Just a fun cover.)

So because I'm the Queen of Avoidance, the best way to get writing down is to destroy my distractions. Therefore Facebook went buh-bye.It's not sitting there tempting me away from my work. Also all my computer distractions were terminated except the blog, my bill paying websites and Amazon.

Until I get over 80,000 words written, Facebook is not allowed back. Soda Crush is deleted. I'm supposed to delete Bingo Blitz but my spirit is weak. So weak. (LOL!!!)

I got work to do. (See, I'm using this blog as a way to distract myself. I've written 100 words and I'm supposed to write 500 this morning.) I'm even working with a therapist to find positive processes to start achieving my goals.

Thank God for Write Or Die. It might be the only way I'll ever get back to seeing my funny cat videos.


  1. I'm sending you ALL the good thoughts--so that you do what you need to do to achieve whatever is BEST for you (and Miz Mollie!--and wow, advanced Math? I shudder)

  2. We've discussed this book a lot over the phone, but covers were never mentioned.

    I have to ask: what is that brown thing that looks like a dunce cap turned upside down? *scratching head*