Thursday, May 5, 2016

Drawing your attention ...

... to Margaret and Helen and a letter written by Margaret's nephew. It's unconscionable that this is happening in the 21st century, and the person who is supposed to be teaching the New Testament and leading his congregation to Jesus' love is proved a bigot. I am (practically) speechless.

Letter to a man of God


  1. I read it earlier, when I saw the link on your sidebar, and...

    Well, these are the things that made me never attend church of my own free will. (I have attended Mass on occasion, when visiting my mother, and there's no choice, but on my own? hell, no)

    And these are the things that made me raise my children without any religion at all--because while this incident is all about the Catholic Church, it's my experience that all organized religions demand a level of bigotry from their believers.

    How can they claim that their way is the RIGHT way, if not by making everything else wrong, sinful, evil, unforgivable, barbaric, inhuman, etc etc?

  2. Wow - so very wrong, on so many levels. Of all the places to 'let it all out'.

    And people ask me why I'm no religious.

  3. I am religious but not tied to a synagogue. And this fills me with so much sadness because I thought of the poor couple getting married and how those words must have cut them. All the time and money and excitement for the day and then that.

    My Rabbi was big on acceptance and we were raised in a temple where we were told to be part of the world, not against it. And thank God for that because my mother embraced different people and cultures and taught us to do the same.

    God is love. Just the people who claim to have the biggest connection to Him, aren't.