Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Go Set a Watchman

I wasn't interested in Harper Lee's new old novel, until I watched this. It's a fascinating look at a very unusual woman and a bioscopic of the South.

I intend to get (and read) the book even though it's a toss of the dice. I feel like living dangerously in my old age. And frankly, no one understands the south better than Harper Lee, one of its most famous daughters.

Harper Lee


  1. It makes me nervous. Mockingbird was true brilliance. What if this is a disappointment?

  2. I know. But what if it isn't? That's what I meant about tossing the dice. From the way it was explained in the video, it sound like a natural extension of TKAM (or visa versa).

    I shall have to read some reviews before I take the plunge. :-)