Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forgotten But Not Gone

First of all - a shout out to AztecLady who blogged about a Netflix series Sense8 so I started watching it and oh lord, I love it. I'm completely mesmerized by the beauty of the show (not to mention the beauty of the Spaniard in it)...

It's really worth checking out.

I finally watched the third season of Orange is the New Black and I read people felt it was the weakest season but with Pensatucky's story being told and the heartbreak of it... as well as the love letter to Judaism that was in it, well, I was blown away.

Although I thought that Piper is becoming a caricature and adds nothing to the show anymore. But it ended with Alex (most likely) being killed and Daya's baby disappearing into the system and a few lovely connections right at the end... anyway, Season One was amazeballs but this had so much going for it and I'm still thinking about it.

When I'm not thinking about that perfect Spaniard in Sense8.

Read Heartless by Mary Balough and really really liked it. Reading throw away books until the next book comes out.

Did I mention the hot Spaniard in Sense8?

Life has been nuts and way too busy but it's looking like it's about to get better. Our office is moving into a great new space where I'll have a real desk of my own and it's a beautiful space.

My sister came visiting with her partner and 2 of their friends and emotionally it had a few hard moments for me but mostly it was lovely. It's hard to be around family and not have all the insecurities and craziness pop up but we did well. I miss my sister a lot now that she's gone home.

She's so beautiful. She's just a gorgeous woman inside (and out).

Mollie's school starts tomorrow (yes, in July! That blows!!) but she's happy about t. School nerd.

Saw Magic Mike XXL and must say, if any of those men want to take their clothes off, I'll pay to watch. But they really need to not try and put a plot on it because it was a worse plot than Dumb and Dumber. Naked and Nakeder.

Writing. So is Carolyn. Life always looks better when words are on the page.

And I want to say that our dear friend Cheryl lost her Mom today. Since my own heart hasn't completely healed from my mother's passing (10 years ago) I feel a little broken knowing how Cheryl must hurt. Even knowing it was coming, it's your Mom and nothing prepares you for her loss. Hugs to you Cheryl, wish I could do it in person.


  1. Thank you for the shout out, Lori, I'm so glad you are enjoying Sense8! I'm taking it really, really slow myself (so slow, I'm still on episode 2, so...no spoilers, please!) but I'm fascinated by its potential.

    I am so glad you are happy at work and that Miss Mollie is happy at school. Being miserable at something you do so many hours every day can kill one's soul and numb one's mind.

    Which brings me to you and Carolyn writing--yay for both of you!

    And finally, though I don't know your friend, I am sorry for her loss. Living far from my family for so long (going on three decades) makes me appreciate the moments I have with them, particularly my mother, all the more. Love stays with us.

  2. Not heard of Sense8 but will keep an eye out. Don't have Netflix so... I'm sure it will show up on Foxtel at some point. I'll also be sure to keep an eye out fo the hot Spaniard... Just for you Lori, just for you :D

    Happy to hear Mollie is loving school, always a plus. I often wonder if I should go and do some more study, I miss it. Yes, I'm weird.

    Yay on new digs - hope it's up and happening sooner rather than later for you.

    Glad you had a nice visit from your sister - mostly - and fingers crossed it won't be so long between visits for you. Unless you want it to be a long break lol. Still, family is family and we do miss them when they're not around.

    Yay for the writing :D Can't wait to see what yáll are up to hehe

    And I just heard about Cheryl's mum. I too want to send my best and wish I could give her a hug too. It's a shame Launceston is so far from Perth or I'd go and see her and give her hugs for all of us. I guess cyber ones will have to do for now.