Saturday, July 4, 2015

And a-writing we will go

Well nano had a difficult start for me and it will possibly be a hard month for writing with a lot of things going on but I'm going to keep trying.

My intended story is changing before my eyes. I'd planned on a funny romance but it's turned into a serious piece that isn't romance. It might actually be shit, I don't know yet. But I'll forge along.

I'm using Write or Die to try and keep to word count. Since I can't afford to buy it right now (poverty is my middle name) I use the free version that gives you 15 minutes and 500 words. It's the perfect amount of time for a writing sprint and it starts to erase your words if you hesitate too long so you have to keep writing.

It's working for me so yay to that. I think I might have finally figured out that 500 word increments without excuses to break is what will work for me.

I'm going to try and get caught up this weekend so Lea stops making my word count look so anemic.

Happy 4th everyone. Remember to keep it sane and safe.

1 comment:

  1. Yay, glad you're still going :D Don't forget, I will help where I can. As to something erasing your words... umm, NO THANKS. I think my word count would be double if I didn't spend more time backspacing for typos than I did going forward lol. oh well.

    Happy 4th to all y'all up there. HOpe it's a good one :D