Thursday, December 4, 2014

Taylor Swift

I'm an unabashed Swiftie.

My daughter and I just recently discovered Tay-Tay (okay, we're really big fans) and oh my goodness, we completely found her at the right time.

Taylor is like a feminist icon. She's completely in control of her career, she's talented as crazy and she's reached a place in her life where she doesn't give a shit what people say about her, and in some cases, she's right back in their faces mocking them.

This video, Blank Space, is fabulous. She mocks the stories about her and then later in the video plays the crazy card. She brings a light to the cray-cray behavior she's accused of and totally owns it.. She makes crazy look good.

And she's all about empowering her fans. Mollie and I were reading some of her quotes and they were awesome. She calls herself a feminist, she says women need to learn how to be alone in order to be with others, she faces her critics and she's what she should all aspire to be.

She's just so awesome.


  1. "women need to learn how to be alone in order to be with others"

    This, a million times!

  2. Hmm, another one of her songs I like :) Not heard it before but it's catchy and love hte film clip lol. Not as cray-cray for Tay-Tay as you and Mollie but I don't mind her. I like watching her on Ellen and the things they get up to lol