Friday, December 19, 2014

Happier Holidays

So I'm finally working. Talk about a huge relief. It was starting to feel like it would never happen and then it happened. A job I had interviewed for and not gotten called and I started the next day. (They hired someone local who didn't work out so they decided to let the commuting girl do it instead.)

Anyway, it's a Christmas gift to be able to go to work every day, talk to people and be productive. And make money. I especially like the making money part. And coming right before Christmas was perfect timing so I can afford to spoil my child a little.

I plan to write more about my job because it's fascinating to work in an environment I know so well (front desk of a doctor's office) but in Hawaii with all the strangeness and foibles of the people. I've only been there three days but so far:

I brought home three batches of bananas someone gave from their banana tree. And three avocados.

In three days we've had more walk-ins than I've experienced in my entire working life. No joke, people are so casual with appointment days and times they almost don't exist.

The patients take care of the doctor. This is the coolest thing ever. One patient is a professional masseuse and she gives him a message during his lunch hour (not daily... when she feels he needs it). Another brought food. Another is making him smoothies to detoxify him.

It's a super busy office and they do things differently than I've ever seen. So I'm going to have to learn to work more Hawaiian style. That should be fun.

As a side note: I have LOSING HOPE available free at Amazon and next week will be offering another title. Just a little Christmas gift to anyone interested.


  1. Yay, you!

    Sounds like it'll be an interesting job, lol.

  2. (I'm hating blogger right now)

    I was pretty sure I had commented on the previous post, but apparently blogger ate it.

    I'm very, very happy for you, Lori. Having an interesting job is one of the best experiences ever. Best wishes for you and Mollie for 2015 and onward!

    (and for you, Carolyn)