Sunday, December 7, 2014

Living La Vida Gilmore

The Gilmore Girls is on Netflix and I'm binge watching. It's a great show, almost like a romance novel appearing on the screen in front of you. I love it an embarrassing amount.

I told Mollie we should try to live like we're a TV show: witty repartee, adventures, enjoying ourselves. Of course in TV, everything is settled within an hour, good people always win in the end and depth is often missing. Still, recognizing that one is not on TV but living as such can still make life more fun.

And it's a lot easier to live that way when trying to just get along.

So last night we went to the Waimea Christmas parade. It was mostly a lot of large trucks decorated with lights but still...  It was local and something we wanted to experience. We got there almost an hour and a half early and it was already crowded. We found a place to park the car and then to park our asses.

It rained.

We sat in the rain for hours, one hour of it watching a parade. It was a soft rain but constant and by the end, we were soaked to the skin, shivering and mildly miserable. What would the Gilmore Girls do in that situation? We went to Tex's Drive-In and had hot chocolate and french fries. We talked to the people around us who also were soaked and happy. It was nice.

I intend to write more about life among the Gilmores later but right now I'll share some parade photos.

My favorite, Santa in an outhouse.
 Most of the parade was large trucks like this one decorated.
 This car was adorbs.
 And our roller derby girls were skating in the parade. Love me a holiday parade with roller derby babes.

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  1. Y'all are glass half full people and you already enjoyed life before you became Gilmore Girls. ;-)

    Now I need to go find something for me to watch; I've been rereading Dragonfly in Amber. 99 cents - couldn't resist.