Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You Can Help Jane and Dear Author

Jane needs statements from Ellora's Cave authors/editors about non-payment to help her case. If you've missed royalties or payments contact her at  jane@dearauthor.com

Also, anything online that's been written by others about EC and their problems... send her links.

She's on the righteous path, my friends. And we're with her!


  1. Go, Jane!

    And I love the button :grin:

    Did you see mine?

  2. I like your hashtag and Free Speech Zone.

    1. The blogger free speech zone was created by Lou@bookpushers, then Kaetrin used it for the #notchilled in her blog, so I stole (asked for) it.

    2. I like! What I don't like is those damn ugly pics Lori has adopted. Damn!

      However, needs must if needs must and they do illustrate her point VERY well.