Sunday, September 28, 2014

Someone got a great review! 

Congratulations Lori!  ♥


  1. They missed my birthday by a day but it was the best gift I could have gotten.

    Especially since George Clooney got married on my birthday and fucked the whole day up!

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations Lori! Google told me it was your bday, and I was just dying to hint to you that you were going to get a belated gift, but it didn't seem appropriate. :-)

    1. It was so perfect as it was and unexpected. And in case y'all reviewers don't know: it's a double whammy of joy. When you critique a book it means someone took their time and put thought into it. And a review like this one means that people who don't know me will try my writing and I'm so delighted that I'm going to hopefully make some people laugh.

      I've had few gifts as amazing as this one.

  3. Put Riley up on the sidebar, Lori, right at the top. :-)