Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

Carolyn: So I bought this book, Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh. I love her psy-changeling books. She's a really great writer. And who can resist a contemporary with a sexy rock star?

Lori: Not you apparently. Have you read it yet? Because I tried it, especially after you've been telling me to read her.

Carolyn: Well I was telling you to read her series.

Lori: Now you're going to get specific?

Carolyn: It takes you about two years to read something I suggest. Then you read something different.

Lori: Notice how we're fighting to avoid reviewing this book?

Carolyn: Well most of romancelandia seemed to love the book.

Lori: Maybe we live on the outskirts of romancelandia. Or we live on romanceislandia. I did NOT like it. Hell, I couldn't get past the first chapters, it was so ridiculous and sex times as to be uninteresting.

Carolyn:  I'm not a big fan of insta-lust either. And these characters were at it so much I expected them to get bladder infections.

Lori: Heh. I might use that.

Carolyn: Bless your heart. Although I did like the secondary characters and their stories. Did you?

Lori: Didn't get far enough in the book to see any. Once Mr. Hottie banged the virgin librarian a million times the first night after not exchanging a single word with her previous to telling her he wanted to bang her, I needed an Advil.

And I most definitely did not want to read a story where a man thinks a hard dick means love and a virgin librarian thinks her first time with a stranger against a wall is perfectly okay. Not for me.

Carolyn: When did we get old?

Lori: When we lost interest in sex for sexs' sake?

Carolyn: Try her other series. Not as much sexy times and you'll like it, I promise.

Lori: Okay, okay. By the way, I have this weird hair growing on my chin...

Carolyn: Let me get the tweezers.

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  1. Yikes!

    (though I did warn you there was a lot of sex there)