Friday, September 5, 2014

Night's Honor by Thea Harrison

I love Thea Harrison.

She's a definite autobuy for me and I await each book with impatience. Night's Honor was no exception.

It started out fine. The characterization was excellent and the plot was heating up. Tess was growing and changing and losing her fear (that was the main emphasis of the book) and Xavier was quietly falling in love.

Perhaps my problem with this book was that the conflict was mostly internal. There was one big scene where the bad guys ambush our heroes and that was it. The book sort of petered out after that. In fact, I couldn't believe it was finished when I got to the end. It was like the author couldn't decide whether to write a full length novel or a novella.

Frankly it felt like half a book. Okay, maybe three quarters. I was dissatisfied at the end and therefore in my lowly humble opinion (mlho) this book is not as good as Kinked or Oracle Moon or even Dragon Bound.

I did like the characters, but the storyline left me wanting more. Of course a Thea Harrison book is way above many others, so I can't complain too much. If I gave out stars, I would have to give this one four out of five.

Now I sit and wait (somewhat impatiently because tempus does fugit, you know) for her next one.

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  1. I hate when the authors I love write a book that leaves me dissatisfied. But on the other hand, nowadays a lot of books leave me that way. There's a lack of excitement sometimes and so I'm reading other things trying to find that thrll.

    Gads, I sound like a philanderer.