Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Baby Turned 13

And Mama went a little nuts.

When I turned 13, I had a Bat Mitzvah and it was a big freaking deal. I can't help but feel that 13 is a magical age because it's the beginning of the teens, it's closer to high school and the start of growing out of childhood.

In Mollie's case there have been growing issues including the joys of a body's changes, her own independence (she moved out of my bedroom and into her own) and her own awareness of the choices she gets to make that will impact her next year of schooling (or more).

I wanted to do something special for her and decided to create a scavenger hunt. She loves having her gifts hidden and having clues to find them.

So I picked her up from school and she got her first Batman balloon. And her first clue which announced that the Birthday Bandit had struck, stealing her gifts and birthday favors and hiding them throughout Tukwila (our town).

We were on the hunt.

Although our first stop was Burger King so she could have some chicken strips. We went through the drive thru and I ordered the special birthday meal. Mollie freaked but they were awesome and served her chicken strips and another Batman balloon.

Then she solved her first clue to go to Family Fun Center.

We arrived and she saw Batman balloons on a counter. She went over and they handed her a card to start playing. She had to earn tickets to get her gift from them and so we played.

And we got some tickets too.

 A whole lot of tickets.

Over 1000 in fact.

She turned in her tickets and got to select prizes and then was surprised when they handed her a wrapped present and an envelope with her next clue.

The next clue was a picture of her on a former Halloween with a gentleman whom we adore who works at the local Community Center.

He was Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Mollie was death. 

Good times.

So we headed to the community center where more Batman balloons waited along with a puzzle she had to solve. And solve it she did.

She then got cupcakes and a gift/clue. It was a Game Stop gift card (kisses to you Carolyn!!) and she was delighted.

So we went to Game Stop.

Game Stop, although a wonderful place, wouldn't let me set up in advance. So there was no waiting balloon. But there was a clue hidden that she had to find and it was hard. Since I switched out a cover on a game and put it on the shelf. Took her awhile but she found it and turned it in for her next gift and clue.

The video game in front was the fake game and the one in back was her gift.

The next clue was to the library but they refused to let us do anything there (they weren't the least bit nice) so she solved that clue but instead of going there I gave her the next clue. It was moderately disgusting.

Yeah, that's hair.

We were on our way to the salon. And someone special was waiting for us there.

Yes, that's a huge flipping Batman waiting for Mollie at the salon.

She got her shampoo and cut and was delighted.

We were both tired at that point and went home.
She opened the rest of her presents and I crashed for an hour and she played a game. Then we went to the Chinese Buffet for dinner and we're home now. We're stuffed, tired and happy.

She gave it a 9.5 out of 10 and only because the balloons started to go flat too quickly.

Happy Birthday my darling girl. 13 years of love. Can't wait for the next 13.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mollie. :-)

    And Lori, you are THE mom of the year. The Molls is a lucky girl. ♥

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Miss Mollie !!
    And well played Miss Lori. :)
    From Aunties Shari & Cheryl.

  3. Happy belated birthday Miss Mollie - Welcome to the teens... :D

    Lori, my birthday is in November if you want to start planning lol. Seriously, glad it all went so well except for the library - party poopers.

  4. Aw, how awesome is that? I hope I can think of something half so cool for my son's 13th. And boo on the library staff! I would totally have done it for you. :-)

  5. That is one awesome, awesome bday--and poo on the library folks!

    Happy belated bday, Mollie, and congratulations on a well executed celebration, Lori!