Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cover Art That Grabs The Reader

Okay you multi-millionaire writing machine, it's time to discuss book covers.

The book cover is the first thing the reader sees so you need to grab their attention.

The above is a bad choice.

It looks cheap and like something your seven year old could do if he wasn't busy hiding his cauliflower in the litter box.

You need something that has a little more class, while still suggesting sex and all the dirty little secrets inside the covers. And over the covers. And on the floor next to the covers. And with cops who are undercover.  And with ... oh hell, I'll stop now.

The above cover lays it out. We have male bum, a suggestive title and a clever blurb.

And it looks like your mother in law did it between her bingo games.

"But Sensei," you might be saying, "I don't want male buttocks on my precious."

Fine, we have choices.

See? Romance, erotica and the promise of pie.

See, you can pay a lot of money for a decent cover. Or you can be like me and get pictures of Lea swooning over some Swiss guy and force her to make you book covers to promise your silence.

But if you don't have blackmail pictures and you went to some cheap stock picture place and bought yourself a picture.... do the other thing I do and offer the 12 year old five bucks to make a cover.

What can I say?

My kid has talent and I'm just some anonymous writer looking to make a buck and take the kid to McDonalds.

Tomorrow we'll discuss social media and selling your novel.


  1. I hope I survive this but it looks like she's on a roll. O.o

  2. So that's it Lea! I never knew but it does explain a lot. ;-)

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  4. Lori, if you weren't so far away I'd...