Friday, March 28, 2014

Rita Finalists

Here's a list of the Rita finalists with the Golden Heart thrown in for good measure. You may have seen this elsewhere, but that's okay; it a list of books to hunt down and try.  :-)



  1. Am I missing something or is this only something a special few can see? Oh and who's Rita?


  2. The Rita at the bottom of the post is supposed to be a link to the RWA site, but try this one:

    The Ritas are the award given to the top book in the different romance genres by the RWA, Romance Writers of America.

  3. Thanks Carolyn and DOH - I didn't think to click on the Rita at the bottom. I didn't even see it lol. Oops...


  4. I've tried, but I can't make it a different color, or even underline it.. :-(

  5. Bummer. I think you have to do it where you change the background and stuff. I just need to read to learn betterer :D