Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hazed and Confused

So there I was on Facebook, reading everyone’s links and all up into everyone’s business because that’s the way this momma rolls, when I saw a link a friend posted about Nordstrom’s dressing rooms. And there was the most important thing I’d ever read on the internet in my entire twenty-seven years of life: Nordstrom’s will consider changing the lights in their dressing rooms to make people look more attractive.

God bless Nordstrom’s.

So there were all the comments and they were divided into two camps between the people who were so grateful that when they looked into their dressing room mirrors they might look better than they really do (because real life is full of flattering light, amiright, or what?) and the people who thought that the world is full of reality that sucks and why the hellz would anybody care about the lights in the Nordstrom’s dressing rooms?

I was in the latter camp.

Seriously, who gives a fuck?

But then this morning on Facebook I saw something Lea had posted about my love of Survivor and a someone I don’t know responded and said she’d rather watch grass grow than watch Survivor. And I was pissed. I mean, first world problems, right?

Then I thought about it some more and came to a few conclusions:

1.    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one that stinks.

2.    The creation of the term First World Problems to suggest unimportant, self-indulgent thinking is such an insult that it doesn’t deserve to be uttered. My problem that I have a cavity doesn’t compare to someone who doesn’t have access to fresh water however I still have a fucking cavity that needs to be taken care of. So shove your first world problem comment up your ass, you condescending butt monkey.

3.    I don’t shop at Nordstrom’s and couldn’t give a shit about their dressing room lights. I do shop other places and still couldn’t give a shit about anyone’s dressing room lights. But that’s me. I didn’t have a need to say that to anyone and insult someone who does give a shit about dressing room lights. To each their own.

4.    I’m sick as crap of everyone’s needs to express their opinions. Yay you precious little sunflower, you have something to say about everything. Keep it to yourself.

5.    The need to throw so much negative is an issue that needs to be looked at. Swear to God, when I meet someone who likes what I like it’s amazing: the air changes and we breathe happiness and unicorns as we share the awesomeness of whatever it is that we both love. But when I say, “oh, I like John Cena” and someone immediately says, “wrestling is fake”, then all it does it suggest that I’m either a moron for liking John Cena or a moron for liking wrestling or a moron for not being as full of the same astonishing brilliance as the stink-hole who just informed me that wrestling is fake. (And I know wrestling is fake but I also know these guys are hardworking athletes who get serious injuries and you can’t do what they do so shut the fuck up.)
I’m just sick to death of having to be polite while people give opinions of things they really don’t care about but have to make their position known. What’s so bad about keeping those things to yourself?

I waste a crazy amount of time playing Bingo Blitz on Facebook and the number of people who sit there telling people they’re doing it wrong, just kills me. Seriously, people actually sit and scold strangers for paying a game wrong. Does it affect anyone else, the way they play? Of course not. Doesn’t change my chances for a bingo.

It’s crazy time and I swear, the internet is the crazy pool and we’re all swimming.


  1. * I saw the comment re Survivor. Note I didn't add to it? You know of my *ahem* love for it... :D

    * Fancy lighting is all well and good in store but what happens when you walk outside? Does someone follow you around all day with a fake clothing booth and fancy lights to keep up the illusion? Me thinks not. No amount of fancy lighting is going fool me in to thinking I look good but you know what? It's better than scaring the young out of people by me being naked. :)

    * Sorry about your cavity.I feel ya pain babe. As to the FWP comment, can't say I've ever used it but I have heard it. I just give a look... lol

    * You know how I love the wrestling too - not. But while I don't like it or the mens necessarily (Dwayne Johnson being the exception), I do believe you do and that's enough for me. sure, I give you shit over it but hey, you give back too and we both know it's in fun. Right?

    We do like a lot the same but of course there are lots of things we don't like the same too and that's what makes it interesting. A constant lovefest might become tiresome after a while and I'd hate for that to happen. At least with our different tastes in many things, it gives us something to chat about.

    * As to bingo - omg, don't even get me started lol. The new room was barely open an hour and people were begging for spares like the room had 10 minutes to go before it was closed. Then of course there are the people who bitch and moan about not winning, others winning, players holding blah blah blah.

    Get over it! Unless you're one of the few who pays to play, shut the hell up! It's basically a free game and sure they've made thigns a bit harder to win but that just gives a challenge, something to work for. Going through life expecting things to be easy or gifted to you is stupido!

    * I think I'm agreeing with you - about this post - mostly. I kinda got sidetracked with my own thoughts lol. But yes, the crazy pool is def overflowing at the minute. Someone needs to blow the shark horn and get them out!

  2. Blow the shark horn....lol

    I think its the idea that if you say some thing like, "I like to read historical romance" then someone can either say, "oh cool, my favorite genre is science fiction" which then shares that you both love to read but different things, or the person can say "romance is a waste of time, I only read non-fiction" which then puts you on the defensive and again, suggests you are faulty for your tastes.

    I'm guilty of it too. But I'm going to work hard at changing that. Because I live with a Batman loving, video game monster and I find her interests exhausting but I never put them down. It's time to extend that to the rest of the world.

  3. LOL Me too. I found as a kid I'd pretend I didn't really like ABBA because it wasn't cool, while the whole time I loved them! I still do...

    I think we're all guilty of it. I try to use humour when I do but I realize that doesn't make it any less 'notverynice'. I too will do my bestest to fix this.

    It doesn't mean I'm gonna love Survivor or the rest of that stuff but I will try and curb my distaste. No promises.

    PS - Tell Mollie Superman is better :P (hugs lol)

  4. ABBA wasn't cool?! Ohhh... olley oxen free - take a chance on me.

  5. Oh, I do I do I do I do I do....


  6. Abba is so cool it goes beyond cool.

  7. Sometimes someone will rave about something, and all I have to say is, "I'm not a fan myself."

    It's either that, staying silent, or starting an argument, so I tend to fall for the first because I feel is the most neutral, and I'm not going to lie and fake enthusiasm when I'm truly am not a fan (or even actively dislike whatever it was).

    What absolutely kills me is when the enthusiast of whatever it was comes back with a "how come? how dare you not like (whatever)? are you stupid/stuck up/elitist/ignorant/whatever?"

    Honestly, people, let's just agree to disagree at times, mkay?

    1. Oh and...did Lori's blog go kaboom or is it now hidden somewhere else, only visible to the cool kids?

    2. I just noticed too and I was looking for something on it. Me thinks Lori won lotto and did a scarper, not wanting to tell us. :(

  8. Wish I won the lotto ladies....The other blog was too much to do with this and with Lea and I lusting over at Ladyparts http://quiveringladyparts.blogspot.com/
    I decided to skim it down.
    Superwoman could only do so much.

  9. Awww - :(

    But yes, lusting does take quite a bit out of one, doesn't it? Must get back there presently with something new...