Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bits and Pieces

*  Read the first chapter of Nora Robert's new book coming out soon. Think I'm going to like this one, which is usually the case with her romantic suspense. Want to see for yourself?

The Collector

An Addendum: A quote from the first chapter caught my eye. I have to agree with the quote.

"Fictional people are people, too, otherwise why would we care what happens to them?"
                                                                                                       Nora Roberts
                                                                                                       The Collector

* I thought I'd sold a copy each, of three of my books, but they'd been returned almost immediately. A sign of pirates, I'm told.

   Still, why must Amazon be so generous with their return policy? Why are books of any kind     returnable? I think (my opinion only) the only reason for returning a book is bad formatting. That   includes e and paper. I've had unreadable e-books because of the formatting and I've had paper books missing chapters, or the chapters are scrambled. But reading half the book and deciding you don't like it should not be part of a return policy.

   When bookstores were the only way to buy books, I bet the policies were different. I can't remember ever returning a book. I also never bought hardbacks.  ;-)     A reader has to take some responsibility for his/her choices.

Finished another relatively short story today, Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid, which I enjoyed. Thought I'd put my thoughts here since I can't seem to write complete reviews, lol. I found it on my own, it was an Amazon recommendation, but now I see it's in the DABWAHA lineup.   
   I think it deserves a place in the first DUBYA (that's how I always think of it) round. It's well written and other than having the missed communication trope and a lot of lip licking by everyone involved, it's a good read. I did wonder if the heroine had some form of autism. Seems to me the milder forms of autism could be used to explain some of the eccentrics in the past and that makes me wonder if the higher levels may in fact be a part of "normal".

*I'm reading The Nekkid Truth by Nicole Camden and so far, so good. Jane of Dear Author practically begged folks to read this and I do find it hard to say 'no', so here I am. I have to admit, when the heroine is talking about not recognizing people she knows, in my mind I see a figure with one of those blank ovals over the face. I know this is not how it works and I've scolded my mind, but it just won't listen to me. I think there should be more attention paid to body recognition (hee); however I'm only at Chapter 5 so we shall see.

I've collected a couple of series I plan to start: Love at Stake books by Kerrelyn Sparks and the Study trilogy (my name for it) by Emma Jane Holloway. Sparks' How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire has been on sale on Amazon (and perhaps other places I do not go) forever. But first I want to read Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter. This is a first book in a series; her pre-series free novella on her site, Radiance, was very dark but very 'wow' so I'm interested in more. She's a damn good writer.

*  I might do more of these Bits and Pieces if I collect enough thoughts. (And remember them) We'll have to see because thinking is a lot of work these days.  :-)


  1. Nekkid Truth was awesome. I'm so glad Jane pushed it as hard as she did because it's a great book.

    Amazons return policy is amazing as a buyer but I agree that the book return policy can chafe. Seeing books sold and returned in a day and then finding them on a file sharing site tells you everything you need to know. Amazon doesn't have to care about pirating but authors do. And that bites big time.

  2. Nekkid Truth - I don't know, I just expected more after all the accolades. I've read better books; for instance, I was doing a search on my Fire for an Elizabeth Hunter book and came across Hunter's Season by Thea Harrison and got distracted and ended up rereading the Harrison. Had much more storyline to my mind and great sex, just not as graphic as Nekkid Truth.

    Gonna stop here, was planning a report on both these books.