Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Little Bit of Heaven

At eight minutes after midnight on March 4th, four new books I'd preordered downloaded into my Kindle Fire. God, I love when this happens, it's so neat, almost like magic.

Anyway, three of the four I'm dying to read, like yesterday; the problem became which one first?

The books? Oh, yes ...

Hearts of Chaos by Kira Brady. It's the third in her Deadglass series. Hey Lori, it takes place in Seattle.  ;-)  And she uses the regional native mythology in her storyline.

Why Kings Confess by C S Harris. This is the newest book in the Sebastian St. Cyr series, book nine, I believe. They are mysteries that take place in Regency London. For awhile, there was a heroine controversy going on: who would win Sebastian, the actress Kat Boleyn or Hero Jarvis, daughter of his enemy? Despite the heroine, these books are not Romance romances, the mystery comes first. But everything flows together so naturally that I was hooked. Now I have to wait another year for the tenth book.  :-(

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop, book two of her Other series. I loved the first book, I know I'll like this one too. It takes place in an alternate world with familiar names such as Atlantik Ocean. Pissed me off, cause I got jumped on for using Lundun in a First Page awhile back.

The last book is Carolina Man by Virginia Kantra. I don't remember ordering this one, but it's the last book in the Dare Island trilogy and I've got the first two, so I guess I wanted complete the set. I have no great urge to jump into this book, but I liked the first one, Carolina Home, well enough and this one will get read eventually.

Patricia Briggs' newest Mercy Thompson is due out next week and there's more in April.


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