Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Thoughts

So Carolyn is celebrating finding the right anti-depressant and my pharmacy screwed up my order for mine so I've been out for a few days and won't have any for a few days more.

I so need them.

However, I was having some surprisingly random thoughts this morning in the shower and thought I'd write some of them down so Carolyn and I can discuss them later ad nauseum in one of those discuss everything including the kitchen sink phone marathons.

Starting with: the kitchen sink. Mine is broken. The faucett thingie is dislocating from it's mooring. It might be an easy fix but it fills me with dread.

So people are still insisting that Obama is a Muslim (*sigh*) and that makes them wacky but nobody seemed perturbed about the idea of a Mormon in the White House. I find that highly disturbing. I mean seriously... a mormon? Have you ever read about that religion? They make the rest of them look sane. Seriously. (And I insist the Angel Maroni was Italian and talked with his hands. Ha!)

Speaking of insane, I was also thinking about the separation of religion and politics and it occurred to me that the Catholic Church is just as political as Washington DC. Maybe we should first take the politics out of religion before we try taking religion out of politics.

Or not.

At work I was waxing poetic about holiday decorations and music (I'm such a Lifetime holiday movie kind of gal) and my boss said I was more Christian than Jewish. I chose not to be offended and instead agreed with a caveat: take Jesus out of Christianity and I'd be all over it.

That's the basic Jew in me. We agreed to one God and we just can't break that agreement. (You know, it's why we're the Chosen People and the rest of you are wanna-be's.) Again with a Ha!

And then I was thinking about how mouthy women or women with strength are disliked so intensely by other women. On a persona note, I'm obviously a mouthy woman and I'll stand up for myself. I always have done well with male bosses but women bosses hate me. And I'm so not adaptable to becoming less me.

I'm writing an erotic love story and currently my WIP looks something like this:

Yadda, yadda yadda... more yadda.
~~insert sex~~
Yadda yadda yadda on with the plot....

Seriously, there's little notes to insert sex throughout the WIP. I hate writing sex, it's so damned hard. But this romance kinda turns me on (emotionally) because the heroine thinks she understands her need for debasement but she has no real idea. It fascinates me.

Okay, those were my showering thoughts. Wait till I do a post about how my mind works during the morning commute to work. Oy vey.

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