Thursday, December 1, 2011

December is Interview Month: Introducing Elle Brown

December on Old Farts is going to be featuring intervews with some new voices (and perhaps, not as new) voices of romance fiction. We have some wonderful folks coming by this month so stay tuned.

To begin, we'd like you to meet Ms. Elle Brown. Elle is the pen name of someone we know quite well around these parts (and whom Orlando Bloom might know quite well around his parts... dirty girl!!)

Elle's debut in Once Bitten, Never Shy features two sexy short stories of bad girls doing bad things and having a good time doing it.

What is your greatest inspiration for writing?

I don't think I have just one 'thing'. It might be something as simple as enjoying the plot of a movie and wanting to put my own twist on it or just seeing a picture and wanting to tell the story of that picture. It might be that I see a character in a movie and want to develop them more or in a slightly different way, or even a line in a song can conjure up ideas. I guess a lot of my ideas come from dreams (I have some doozy's, let me tell ya!) or even something that comes up in a conversation with friends. Many a time I'll be chatting with someone about nothing in particular and I will think 'hey, that might make a good story'. I have a folder full of half started good stories thanks to some such conversations.

Do you have any 'traditions' you need to follow in order to write? (Such as, I can't write unless the house is clean. Carolyn can't write without her favorite dust bunny at her feet.)

No, not really. Unless you count being in the house alone. There's just something about writing when other's are in the house that I can't do. Perhaps it's my 'fear' of them knowing that I'm writing. Especially if it's a little naughty... Oh, I just thought of one - Pippin has to be asleep at my feet, snoring away. It's kind of comforting having him there. (Note: Pippin is the hell hound who lives with Elle.)

Do you like writing the sex-ay stuff?

Can't say that I'm a fan, although I have written some. I did it initially as a dare from friends. We were never going to share outside the immediate circle of four. Then a story was shared and it kind of went from there. I'm actually more interested in the lead up to the sex-ay stuff, than the writing of the act itself - especially coming up with new and inventive ways of describing the 'icky' bits or how to put tab 1 in to slot B. It's like preferring a man in clothes to a naked man. A clothed man is like a present you get to unwrap until you see what's underneath. A nekkid man has it all hanging out for everyone to see. If that makes sense.

Are you working on anything new?

Honestly, I have a couple of things on the go but I'm not getting a sense of which needs to be finished first. I also have an almost finished rough draft of a shortish story that needs major work to clean up. My biggest problem at the moment is too many ideas and not enough will power to commit to one at a time. If I could just stop dreaming...

Any great holiday plans or traditions?

Well, lotto win pending, no major events this Christmas. Just a quiet one with the family. As to traditions, we always have a 'proper' dinner - turkey, ham, veggies, pudding etc. It may be 40C on the day but we still have a hot meal. It doesn't feel the same having prawns and salad for Christmas lunch. Still, if that lotto win kicks in, I might be able to come up and visit y'all and have my first ever White Christmas. Now, that's a great holiday plan to have!

Keanu or Orlando?

Oh, that's so unfair! Do I have to choose? I adore both and for various reasons. I'd like to say Keanu because I've been a fan of his the longest (and he looks good nekkid) but then Orlando as Legolas... Can I be greedy and keep both? Maybe that can be my wish for Santa.

See. I told you she's a bad girl! Once Bitten, Never Shy is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance ebooks.


  1. What happened to the showers, Lea? ;-)

  2. DOH! I knew I forgot something lol.

    Water is great for inspiration. Shame I wasn't showering when it came time to answer that question :D