Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Iron Announcement

We have officially decided to make Melean our official squee of 2012. Just sayin'.

Our Iron winner hasn't been decided because my name chooser is sleeping. (Others use random integer choosers, I read the names to my 10 year old and she decides. Trust me, her choices are random. We'll email the winner today, we promise.)

Wendy Ely will be joining us tomorrow and then it's Christmas. Despite the official announcements from the North Pole, we Old Farts do believe we can redeem ourselves in the next couple of days.


  1. fingers crossed!
    and yes, its never too late for redemption.. feed a few strays. the points jump right up!

  2. Feed a few strays, give away a couple of books...

    Lots of ways to find redemption in a hurry out there.

    *innocent smile*

  3. AZ: my daughter chose you because your name sounded like ass to her (it's a 10 year old thing).

    So e or paperback? email me at

  4. ohmygodincoherentsqueeeing all about!

    *off to email*

    (Thank you!)