Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pornography Ain't Pretty

Carolyn dear,

my libido woke back up. I was rather surprised that it came back since menopause has played havoc with me and desire has been rather at a yawn. So imagine my surprise when my nether regions awoke and said heya long time, no see.

So being without masculine attention and not that interested in finding masculine attention, I thought I would treat myself to a dirty movie and whatever follows after that.

What followed was amazing. The movie I got was Not the Brady Bunch. I figured that might be kind of fun since I watched the show way back when and a porno version might be kind of fun.

It wasn't fun.

It's been a long time since I saw a dirty movie and I was surprised at how unpleasant it was. Watching these women gag on male meat had me gagging in sympathy. I think I can state that watching a porn blow job would turn a woman from ever putting choizo in her mouth again.

And what's with all the spitting? Let me state that if a man EVER spit on my va-jay-jay during oral pleasure he would be finding his balls in the bathroom and his dick in the living room. Good God, do men find this hot?

I am trying to wash this from my mind by reading Eloisa James and then Georgette Heyer. Please God remind me that romance does not have spit or gagging in it.

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