Friday, July 15, 2011

The Big List of No

Dear Carolyn,

Well if we listen to what the bloggers, book reviewers and all the readers on Amazon say the list of no-no's for writers include the following:

No prologues.

No epilogues.

No first person.

No multiple points of view.

No description.

No red-heads.

No head hopping.

No historicals that aren't completely historically accurate.

No originality.

I'm exhausted. It's ridiculous and a complete waste to try and write for what people want and I realize quite seriously, that one can't. As everybody jumps on the YA bandwagon, or the pteridactyls in outer space band wagon or whatever bandwagon is going to come along, I'm going to write for me.

I realized that this morning as I sat and read The Bodice Rippers for the maybe, one millionth time and laughed still. I thought how it makes me laugh and always makes me laugh. And it was a wonderful story full of redheads, historical inaccuracy and idiocy.And so damned funny with all its one liners that it kicks my ass every time I read it.

I can't write for the bloggers or the readers on amazon who hate redheads or the editor on Twitter who dislikes first person. I can only write for myself. And I assume there's others readers out there like me who will like what I'm doing.

Plus all my stories have redheads in them. Wonder why...

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  1. I started to reply here and then realized it was getting long enough to be a blog post. Since my blog posts are as scarce as hen's teeth, I made a corporate decision.

    See above for my reply, lol.