Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kellan's Dragons by Antonia Tiranth

This is not a review. I just better state that up front because I don't really know how to review books and also because Antonia is my editor at Lyrical Press.

Antonia is a tough editor and I've had two books with her and feel like she's made me a better writer. A good editor will do that to you. Or for you. But I found myself wondering if she was as constant in her writing as she was in improving mine.

Kellan's Dragons was the answer and the answer was a resounding yes. I will state however that I have one major complaint with the book and that is that it's too short. It reads like part of a series but where's the rest?

However, I liked the set-up because Kellan has a gift and she has psi powers and has been recruited into working with a dragon. (It makes perfect sense in the book.)

Okay this is one of the reasons I don't review is because I hate giving synopsis' of stories. Let's just say the world building was matter of fact and easy to read, the characters were enjoyable and the action moved along at a good pace.

So, I won't tell you to buy this book although it's a good read. I will say to buy my and Carolyn's books because our editor is a good writer. Makes sense, yes?

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