Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Best Ever Book

Lori: Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase

Let me start off by saying that Carolyn forced me by gunpoint to read Lord of Scoundrels about two years ago and my life changed. That was, in my estimation, one of the best books I've ever read in my lifetime. And that isn't hyperbole. Lord of Scoundrels is that good.

Ms. Chase consistantly writes books that are brilliant (and one or two that are better than meh but not great). This latest book, Silk is for Seduction, is almost as good as Lord of Scoundrels.Yes, it's that good.

I refuse to give spoilers but this much I can tell you: the heroine is a brilliant dressmaker and a complete con artist. She has two younger sisters and a 6 year old daughter who all have great talents and are all as conniving and deceitful as the heroine.

The hero is vaguely promised to another woman and the heroine skirts the edges of being both the heroine and the villain. This book is brilliant because the reader loves all the characters so much that you root that they all win and yet there's no possible way that can happen.

The writing is brilliant. The humor is perfect and I laughed out loud a few times.

This book is brilliant and I can't praise it enough.


I wish I could remember booktitles. Even this one, which I absolutely loved - I can't keep the title in my head.

I think this is her best story yet. I have no opinion on whether it's her best writing because I usually like everything she writes. Some of her plots have had more action, that's true, but this book just about beats them all as far as character development.

To wit: a heroine who is working class only because she withdrew from her con artist family. She knows her strengths and weakness and her consuming desire is to build a successful modiste shop, so her daughter and sisters will be secure.

She recognized her lustful feelings for the hero, but she's far more interested in his future Duchess, because if she can dress his wife, her career will be made. All else is subordinated to this goal. She considers herself practical, hardheaded and goal oriented. She doesn't care what others think of her.

Doesn't this sound like the heroes in most books?

The hero wants her, of course. But he finds all his advances rebuffed and the conversation turned to his future Duchess.

What could have been a catastrophy is turned into a HEA by the strength and common sense of that potential future Duchess, Clara.

I liked all the characters. From the very beginning I liked them all. And I think all the characters do win, Lori. They learn and grow and they take control of their lives and they all win. Look to see more books about these folks. Only problem is, Ms Chase is a slow writer and I'm an Old Fart. Still, I hope to be able to read them all. *grin*

In contrast, it took me forever to get into Last Night's Scandal (had to go look that title up, lol) and I never really bought into the story. Why was there a conflict? Lisle wanted to dig in Egypt, Olivia wanted to travel - why not do it together? Why was it so impossible to admit to their feelings for each other? Why would doing that destroy the way they both wanted to live?

Maybe I need to read it again, must have missed something.

This book, Silk is for Seduction, I can recommend without reservation. Beautifully written, strong story, believable characters.

It's different and yet it's still Loretta Chase. Someone ought to bronze that woman.


I want to add a postscript.

I think you summed up the best parts of the book. The Heroine really acted like a classic Hero. She was ruthless yet honest and ultimately fell in love against her better judgement.

The Hero was classic and yet the alpha traits were shared between H/h. Even Clara who was more feminine than the modistes wasn't a classic heroine.

This book pushed every boundary, it was a complete and utter surprise and definately going to be my best read of 2011.

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