Thursday, August 5, 2010

What the Librarian Done Did and Didn't Done Do

What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss
Harlequin SuperRomance

This book was reviewed by everybody and got such amazing, awesome reviews that I had to read it. Carolyn had to read it. The lady who was sitting at the bus-stop in a puddle of her own making (eewww!) was reading it.

We done did read it.

Quick synopsis: Rachel is a librarian who hides her emotions behind librarian clothes. Devin is a bad-boy rocker who has returned to school and sobriety. Mark is a kid looking for his birth mother who is ... well, not Devin. Doh!

It was a quick read and pleasurable. Karina Bliss understands humor and so one liners flew, zingers zinged and the scene where the garden club shows up... priceless!

Carolyn said that she would have been happy had this book left out the entire Mark story-line and just had the Devin/Rachel zinginess. I disagree moderately because Mark was, in many ways, the moral compass for the story.

I liked, no I loved, the hero with a hard drinking, drug using, groupie banging past. I could read a million more books with heroes just like him.

Rachel was a bit of a bore. She was smart and hurting and all but her mission in the book was to be reactive, for the most part. I missed the connection with her except when she put Devin in his place. And despite the enjoyment I had with the story, I never really saw why Rachel was the woman Devin would fall in love with.

I enjoyed how Harlequin has allowed it's brand to change and I really enjoyed reading a story with humor and hard rock. What I felt like was ... well, watching the Bachelorette. Where everyone is beautiful and slightly plastic and says lines that sound perfect and slightly plastic...

I'd read Karina Bliss again. I'd read rock star heroes happily. I just wish there was more heroine to love as well as the hero.


  1. You've heard the old saying - opposites attract.

    I'm not saying I loved the heroine, but I did like her and I thought she stood up for herself quite well. The only area in which she disappointed me was the way she handled getting to know her son.

    Whenever I think of Rachel and Devin in his bedroom and the arrival of mama + club, I get the giggles.

    For someone, who in the past looked down on Harlequins, this book - oh, and Nancy Warrens's Speed Dating - was quite the eye opener. *g*

  2. Interestingly, I was sitting outside reading when a nurse I know well joined me and sneered at my choice of reading material.

    I was amused and saddened that anyone would sneer at any book but I actually gave her quite the harlequin education.