Sunday, August 22, 2010

Personal History of Lust

It started when I was very young and Davy Jones was the first. He made my adolescent heart pound.

Davy was followed by Michael Cole (the Mod Squad) and David Soul (Starsky and Hutch) and David Cassidy (the Partridge Family). But really, Davy was my first. And even now I see him sometimes and get that feeling deep inside of wistfulness and desire.

You never outgrow the first one.

Keanu is a constant. No matter his age, he always looks like God took a little extra time in making him.

I mention Keanu in my writing. He's the constant that all my female characters share. Keanu covered in whipped cream.

I heart Keanu.

Then we move to a shared expression of love/lust that united these two Old Farts.

Meet Carlos Marin.

Carlos is the baritone in Il Divo. and before you judge us, yes, we know Il Divo is a cheese-fest but we love them anyway. And listen to Carlos sing and you'll understand that it's more than the Colgate smile and crinkly eyes (and let's not forget to mention the chest hair.) This man can sing.

He also can inspire two middle aged women to thinking about romance and then wading into the pool of romance writing.

Thank you Carlos.

My current lusty obsession is Mr. Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy. My daughter and I have been on a Buffy glom recently and I've been on a Head glom.

I'm enjoying the studious, starchy, British librarian that Giles was and it has me thinking of a plot for a story. Something with a brash American witch and a British Witch Consul coming to destroy her.

I love these fellas. Who are your histories with?


  1. Oh goodness! There are so many.

    I had a glorious crush on The Professor, from Gilligan's Island when I was a very young girl. And MacGyver...

    I like smart guys. Hence my raging crush on Dolph Lundgren. He's a huge beast of a viking with a degree from MIT.

    When I was a kid, I didn't get those crushes on teen heartthrobs. I was already reading romance novels and I knew neither of the Coreys were up to snuff. *g*

  2. I've only had two great 'lusts' in my life: George Harrison and Carlos Marín. Practically bookending my life - one at the beginning of my teens, one in my 'later' years.

    There's been lots of eye candy - Pierce Brosnan anyone? - but those two are the only ones that inspired me to try to write. *grin*

  3. Oh where to even start...

    Lori I agree with your choices - most anyway lol. OF course Davey Jones - right height and all lol. Keanu is a given (le sigh...)and I'm even coming to appreciate some of Carlos' qualities (not the chest hair lol).

    Can't say as I've ever watched Buffy (for shame, I know) but I've been hooked on Merlin and enjoy Anthony in that. Have you ever seen 'Little Britain'? In one of hte skits he plays the British PM who has an assistant called Sebastian. I'll have to email you about it lol

    I've had numerous 'crushes' over the years and I think I even blogged about it at one point. I've gone from Derek Longmuir (Bay City Rollers) to Sebastien and David (IL Divo) musically and Eric Estrada (Chips) to Orlando Bloom (Legolas) in acting. My one constant would have to be Tom Cruise, and to a lesser extent a couple of his fellow Brat Pack alumni. Then of course there is my football team and they will always take precedence over any actor/musician.

    Like you Lori, I tend to use the 'best parts' of these guys for my 'hero' in my writing. At least my perception of those parts, given I don't know them personally. Take one of my latest for example - he'll probably be a mix of Josh Brolin, David Boreanaz and Keanu. I'm just not gonna tell which parts are which...