Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Fiction Fantasy Boyfriend

Motorcycle Man. By Kristin Ashley.

The book that launched her career, bought her a house and made a million women weak in the knees for a bossy, bearded motorcycle hunk with a heart of gold.

Tack originally was a turn-off for me. I hated the bossiness, the ownership. But Carolyn asked me to read it again and pay attention to Tack's story: his sister's death, his kids, his trying to bring the MC to a less criminal standing.

Tack and Chaos MC remain illegal (nobody wants a bad boy who isn't bad) but he becomes the hero of many dreams. He would kill for those he loves. And he's a great lover, a real family man and a book boyfriend worth having.

Trying to find a picture to embody Tack was almost impossible until I suddenly thought of Sam Elliott. Older, hot, laconic, on a motorcycle. Sam Elliott is the kind of man that you know makes sure his lover orgasms first, can whip up pancakes on a Sunday morning and would whoop the ass of anyone who messed with those he loves.


  1. Can't say that bikers were ever my thing, and I suppose that was because I always preferred clean cut over long hair, dusty clothes and more tattoos than skin. Having said that, I finally watched Sons of Anarchy (my brother nagged me to watch and I gave in - good thing too lol) and while I'm still not really up there as a biker chick, I can see the appeal.

    One of those appeals is that most (if you believe hte books and shows) is that they consider themselves family and if you hurt one, then you're in for a whole lot of hurt. I love the idea that blood related or not, you have a support system behind you. At least until you cross them lol

    Seriously though, I might add this to the list of stuff to try - it's outside my normal reading range and as I've learned from some of your past recommendtions ladies, it's a good thing to step outside that range every now and then.


    PS - the song playing now on my media player is Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding out for a hero' - how appropriate lol.

  2. Take Bonnie's advice, Lea, and give old Tack a try.

    Lori, using Same Elliott was genius! Now it's my turn to sweat. These days book contents fade from my mind almost before I finish them. :-(

    1. Will do. I just looked for it and it's book 4 of the series, so I'll have to read the others first, even if they're not really related - I'm weird like that. At over $5 a pop, I will have to wait a smidge to get them but they are on the list so that's something, right?