Friday, June 2, 2017

Half Gone, Half to Come

Welcome to June sweethearts.

Thank you Willa and all who are so understanding of trying to survive in the age of Trump. I think many of us are going to be living in a state of anxiety until this is all over. However, I'm done with being polite about it. You want to support this government and say so, I'll explain to your traitorous ass why you're the reason America isn't great currently and if need be, I'll grab your dick and give it a squeeze for emphasis.

After all, pussies and dicks are up for grabs in Donald Trump's America.

Things worth noting this month:

I dropped out of the 200s. I knew I'd do it in June, just didn't expect to do it on June 2. But I'll take it. And more, please.

Went shopping with Mollie yesterday. We were at Old Navy and for the first time ever I tried on some clothes. They all fit but I didn't love them enough to buy. However, I did buy some workout clothes at Sears that were 75% off and XL. And they fit too.

We went to the craft store in Hilo and oh my...


I bought a sketch book to use as my new Bujo. I've been having a problem finding what I want because I wanted unlined pages and bigger than note size  and we checked out the sketch books and they were exactly right. Under $10. 100 pages which will give me 2 months of journal with all the extras I want.

Cover was the only negative because it was ugly so I covered it in Washi tape and voila! insta-love.

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  1. Congrats on breaking hte 200! Very proud xx

    Good for you about no longer sugar coating your feelings about His Orangeness and have fun squeezing dicks - I'm sure that will become a full time job...

    And love the new bujo! I now see what Washi tape is :) I still need to get one but will do next week when financial. I don't know how it's going to go but fingers crossed.

    You wanna draw some in it when it comes? LOL