Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sometimes You Get Dizzy

My week has been a mess of confusion. Serious highs, joys and some plummeting lows. I'm confused for the most part, feeling a little disoriented and unsure.

Sunday I discovered Ecstatic Dance and as I posted earlier, it was complete joy. I was able to rearrange my work schedule to attend the next one and my nephew and I are talking about going up to Hawi together to experience the dance up there.

Work sucked. I felt like everybody I worked with was dismissive of me this week and disrespectful.

I ran into someone I worked with at my old job who told me that the third person hired to replace me is now gone and they have basically had to hire three people now to do the job I used to do by myself. I'm not going to say I'm irreplaceable but damn...

Last night in conversation my brother said
1. There's no such thing as cultural appropriation.
2. Ariana Grande was not a victim in the attack at her concert because she once said she hates America so she deserves what she gets.

I've seen a lot of people on Twitter blaming A. Grande for that statement and for being inappropriately pretty/sexy and suggesting a crazy man with a bomb is somehow her fault.

Would someone tell me where the fuck these people lost their souls and maybe we can dig in the dark to try and find them?

My weight has been fluctuating between 203 and 204 for 2 weeks. I'm frustrated.

I'm reading The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman and it's breaking my heart.

Did I mention that my brother's compassion for humanity has disappeared? I love the man but I'm starting to wonder why.


  1. Remember Rome? The downfall of, I mean. We are supposed to learn from history, but humans seem to have a giant learning disability, as in "it'll never happen to me". Substitute 'my country' for 'me' and there you have it.

    Romans came to care only for the pleasure power gave them; they thought nothing of human life unless it was theirs. Sound a little familiar?

    As for your brother, I hope he's all tough talk and with a soft heart when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

    And stop reading that damn book! You don't need any help to be depressed. Read a nice, fluffy romance or how about James Herriot and all the lovely animals? (we have those books. :-) )

  2. Hugs babe, it's all I can say. The world is fast becoming less friendly but not me. I'm here (down here, in the depths of the planet...) if you need me. Or Tim Tams (the virtual, calorie free kind).

    PS - Carolyn's right - read something fluffy. Fluffy is good :D