Monday, February 13, 2017

Weight Watchers and Woot!

One week on weight watchers and 7 pounds lost. Awesome sauce (low cal, low fat awesome sauce please).

 I should have done this ages ago.... okay, no. Because ages ago I might not have stuck to it. But now I see the loss and I'm so happy and excited. It's the right time of my life for these changes.

Mollie started playing tennis recently and she's obsessed. We spent a lot of time at the local tennis court this weekend. I walked and then chased after balls. I'm going to buy a racket too and even though I'll be slow and not a good player, at least it'll give her someone on the other side of the net.

Getting closer to finishing my novella which will be goal #3 for the year. Then there's only one left and I'm kicking ass.

So what I'm loving about weight watchers is that there's a social media aspect to it. It's called CONNECT and that's what happens: people connect. To find a group of people who have the same issues you do, are at the same weight and feeling like you feel... it's not a solitary thing. People support each other and it's like Facebook but with one goal: feeling better.

I find right now that I just spend my social media time on CONNECT or Twitter. I never used to like Twitter but now I'm hooked because I get so much political info. I read Newsweek, TIME, NY Times, CNN. I follow a ton of politicians and reporters. I know what's going on and it's invigorating.

As much as I despise our president, he's certainly gotten a lot of people aware of politics and getting involved. If he doesn't blow up the world, he might make it better because the world done got WOKE.

Just feeling joy this Monday morning.

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