Saturday, September 10, 2016

With Sadness

You start to become aware, in your thirties and forties that the people in your parent's generation start dying. The movie stars of their childhood, the musicians and politicians and ultimately their parents, aunts and uncles and sometimes, even their older siblings.

But our generation will live forever. Until they don't anymore.

It's one thing to lose a Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston from drug abuse. Shocking to lose Prince. But then Glenn Frey of the Eagles and it started to feel really close to home.

Now people around us are losing those that are dear to them and it's a clarion call in the night. We are now that age. We are now losing our generation and soon our older siblings and childhood icons will pass.

In one week, two women Carolyn and I both care about lost their mothers. Carolyn just went through the loss of her beloved.

We're all so fragile. And time has such a strong way of reminding us how much.


  1. I don't say it enough but I love you guys. A love for a group brought us together but we've moved on from that and I like to think we're still bonded. Times like this just brings it all home that we don't say what she feel until it's too late.

    Many good thoughts and prayers to all suffering at this time.

  2. The feeling is mutual Lea. Some of the people who have come into my life from the internet have become some of the most important people in my life. I consider you family. I'm invested in you as I know you are invested in my life.

    And so much loss... it's so hard. I want to hug you all close and just hold on for a while.

    1. I'll be right up for that hug :) The fact that you have an ocean view and it's almost the holiday season has nothing to do with it... LOL

      And yes, we're family. We might never have met in the flesh but I feel closer to y'all than people in this house.

      There is a lot of loss, it's happened here this week too. I don't like it, not one bit.