Sunday, September 25, 2016

Give Peace a Chance

Annual Peace Parade in Honokaa. It was a small parade but so enjoyable to be in town and realize that in a couple short years, most of the people I saw I knew by sight.

Watched some young women do hula in a quiet, fully dressed, soft way and was enchanted. So beautiful: the small movements with such grace. Such large meaning.

I have signed up to receive 2 Beauty Boxes. One from Ipsy and one from Walmart. They're both cheap -- the Ipsy one is $10/monthly and Walmart is only $5/quarterly. It should be fun to get creams and beauty supplies and nail polish... I love nail polish.

Writing again. Stopped for about 2 weeks but now going strong again.

Real tired. Tomorrow has a few chores but Mollie and I are planning a quiet day together with a big delish dinner just the two of us. We're meatloafing and doing the mashed potato. Brownies for dessert.

We like those few times we get to be alone. We really just like each other.

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  1. I love these quiet patches where all is right in your world. Enjoy. <3