Thursday, July 7, 2016

Double Standard? More Like a Double Scoop

So Jimmy Thomas is a male model who created a nice business selling book covers of his hotness and the hotness of others. I used one of his photos ...

actually two since the top cover got banned from Amazon.

Anyway, I followed (notice the past tense) Mr. Thomas on Facebook and other social media until a few days ago when he posted a status saying that he was asked a few times to do cover shoots with plus size models which he had no interest in doing because he didn't think it was a good business decision as it's a very specialized market.

Ok. No problem with that.

But then he went on to say that it seemed like a double standard that women were posting memes about plus size being acceptable or hot (you know, don't judge me or my attractiveness because I'm fat) but those same women then post pictures of hot guys (like Mr. Thomas). So per the hot dude, my feeling good about myself isn't okay unless I also post pictures of fat dudes. Or, wait... that wasn't it. Oh yeah, I'm allowed to feel good about myself sexually but I'm a hypocrite if I don't post pictures of old fat dudes.

No. That can't be right.

It's a double standard, said Mr. Thomas, to feel good about being an old fat broad but to post pictures of hot guys.

That's it!

So I said no. It's not a double standard at all. A double standard would be me saying fat chicks are cool but old fat dudes aren't. Not saying that. I say I'm cool in all my fat chick glory and fat dudes are cool in all their fat dude glory but I'd rather fuck Chris Pine.

Wouldn't you rather fuck Chris Pine? 

Anyway, my response angered Mr. Thomas a little and his responses started to sound a little aggressive in his stance of fat women double standard (plus I didn't get the feeling he really likes old fat chicks) so I unfollowed him on all social media. 

I still think Mr. Thomas is hot but I also think that he's so adamant that fat chicks shouldn't post pics of hot guys and be okay with being fat chicks that I want to float the idea out into the universe that maybe fat chicks should stop buying Mr. Thomas' pictures and advertising him because he really doesn't appreciate it.

Just saying...

(Now I wonder if Yesterday's Headline needs a new cover...)


  1. Holy God, I really want to fuck Chris Pine.

  2. (I don't want to fuck Chris Pine, sorry)

    I wonder if Mr Thomas had anything to say about the fact that guys in their seventies are given the leads in action movies with thin, gorgeous female actress to rescue/remember/carry a torch for, who are in their twenties or younger (one recent example: Criminal, with Kevin Costner). Are all dudes hypocrites (and assholes) because they enjoy the fantasy that when *they* are in their seventies and older, young hot babes are going to pant after them?

    Or are fantasies just fantasies, and as long as the people in the media we consume have consented to be there (aka, no nude pics of celebrities who didn't sign a release for same), there's no hypocrisy?

    Gee, lemme think...

  3. What a douchehat arsehole. Well, feck him to next week and back (and not in the same way that I too want to feck Mr Chris Pine :D).

    I'll post/make wallpapers of all the hot guys I like, despite being an old fat chick. And consider him boycotted, although technically he never floated my boat anyway and I wouldn't have picked him... I'll boycott for you Lori :D

    AL, a lot (I won't say all cause it's not all) of guys believe they've morphed into a handsome Sean Connery type when they're 50 and beyond, when the truth is a lot closer to them looking like a cat has dragged them backwards through a barbwire hedge (is that too strong lol). And they say women have great imaginations!

    Now, getting back to Chris... :D