Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Well, I couldn't really give a fuck about Father's Day since my own father was an utter sociopath and my brother, whom I do adore, is a moderately awful father himself.

But I know there are men out there who are doing it right so a tip of the hat to them.

Big news: my sister got married yesterday. Seriously big news because it only recently became law that she could and she and her partner have been together about 18 years, have weathered a shit ton and stayed strong and true. They're an amazing couple and I sobbed like a baby when I saw the pictures.

Congrats Shari and Cheryl. I love you both so much.

Mollie and I are making Father's Day dinner for my brother tonight (yeah yeah, I know) (but he's a pretty terrific brother and uncle) and both the main dish and dessert are recipes Carolyn gave me so if it sucks, I shall razz her unmercifully here.

I'm trying to do my last rewrite on my book since I figured out what isn't working about it and I've discovered bullet journaling which is my new favorite thing and I'll post about later.

Binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and also binge-ing on House. Although House is starting to get on my nerves because he's so unpleasant and for no good reason. Even he doesn't understand why he's such a bastard and so there's no growth of his character and he becomes tedious.

Mollie is enjoying her summer. Life is good.



  1. ((HUGS))

    Dinner sounds amazing and I expect a full report - along with any notification of the razzing that may need to take place. Sorry Carolyn :D

    Good luck on the book and look forward to hearing about the bullet thing.

    I just binged (over three days lol) the OITNB. OMG. We need to talk when you're done...


    Hugs y'all

  2. PS - Congrats to Cheryl and Shari! A truly wonderful thing and much happiness to them both.