Monday, June 20, 2016

Bullet Journaling

So just between you and me... I love making lists. I'm a total sucker for writing things down in columns and doing it again and again. I just love lists.

And I love calendars. I love trying to find the perfect calendar that can also encompass my lists. Then I saw something about the Bullet Journal (BuJo for short) and I checked it out.

The reason it's called a bullet journal is because
  • it uses bullets
  • like this
  • as organization
But the best thing about it, I soon discovered, is that it's whatever you want it to be. So look up images for Bullet Journal and you see some really creative pages and artwork out there.

Mine is much more a tool for a calendar and various lists I want to keep. It's still a work in progress and I know some changes I'll be making in it as I continue.

 The first thing that the BuJo has is an index. Or a Table of Contents. It's a neat idea that you can easily find something you want to work on. (So organized.)

Then I have the year view calendar which is where I have (and plan to have) highlighted days when Mollie is out of school, holidays, birthdays and special dates.

Then there's month by day and a page of monthly goals, which is my list of bills and plans for the month.

 Then my calendar with space to note budget as well as events, thoughts and comments for the day.

That's my favorite page so far because I'm making notes about how I felt that day and noting the highlights.
 A page of color and a reminder to be kind.

 A budgetary challenge I saw someone else do and I decided to adapt it. My Tin Can Savings Challenge which every pay check I'll take an amount from the page and put the cash in a tin can (I have in my room). The idea is simple and since I'm so bad at savings I thought by turning it into a challenge and a game, it might be more effective.

I also have a few pages for word count on my current WIP and I plan to keep a list of books I've read as well as books I want to read. I thought I might also record book quotes that rock my world.

Anyway, it's fun as well useful and I'm totally into it.


  1. It all sounds very organized but I gave that up for Lent years ago and never got it back. ;-)

    Seriously though, I admire people who can do something like this and keep it up. Right now, I have to make some sort of spreadsheet for John's vital signs and fingersticks. What do I know about spreadsheets? Well, they spread...

    I shall use bullets!! :-D

  2. Looks good. I too start stuff like this and then let it drop but I am intrigued. I like the saving thing. I have a tin under my desk with all the spare gold coins I get ($1 and $2 coins) and sometimes notes, for my trip to America. At this point in time, I can get to the end of the street...


    Best of luck to you Ms Lori and I'll be sure to ask many questions in the coming days about this. You just know I will...