Tuesday, June 28, 2016

That Dick Book: Strong Signal

Carolyn picked this book up (one of her 99 cent wonders) and I was looking for something to read. I don't know why but I thought this was sci-fi. It isn't.

This is an m/m erotic romance. Since I don't read m/m and have burned out on erotic romance obviously this wasn't the book for me.


Loved it. Except for all the sex. Skipped those parts.

It was really well written. Garrett is in the army, doing his last tour before hopefully finding a job as a mechanic in Podunk America and avoiding the alcoholism/poverty trap most people he knows falls into. Kai is a gamer with severe social anxiety who never leaves his apartment but lives online gaming (yes, you can make money that way, ask Pewdiepie or Rad Brad).

They meet. They start an online friendship that becomes flirting that becomes cybersex that becomes real.

There was a shit load of sex and I honestly skipped it. Which means I didn't read maybe about one third of the entire book. I'm just not that interested in dick descriptions.

But the characters were cool. Both were anti-social and they made sense in their own way as a couple. I rooted for them. Especially Garrett. He was the macho military guy who never came out but lived honestly (I thought), who was fighting a losing battle but putting his heart into the fight.

Really a great read. Just uh... too much dick.

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  1. I have no memory of this book or why I bought it. Must of had a cool blurb maybe?

    Glad it worked for you despite all the dick and I shall give it a try and probably skip the sex too, lol. Love character driven books. :-)