Thursday, October 8, 2015

That Deadly Ennui

So Carolyn's computer got tired of not being used for more than searching out tentacle porn and it died, leaving Carolyn with nothing to do but hang out in fields at night hoping to be abducted. She looks adorable with the tin foil hat, I must say.

I'm still not reading but thankfully still am writing. Doing an Il Divo fanfic on WattPad with Cheryl and Lea (Carolyn's out since her computer shuddered to its untimely death) and it's been tons of fun. Maybe I'll post it here too for fun.

Working on my non-romance. Lea pointed out that Nano is next month so I'll use that as an impetus to write a lot for about three days before I crap out on it. (#notjoking)

Had a pretty cool birthday. Saw the movie Trainwreck with Amy Schumer which was funny at first (John Cena is a naked God, let me point this out) but then it went with the love of a good guy makes life wonderful shit and both Mollie and I rolled our eyes. I'm waiting for the movie where the happy ending for the woman isn't getting the man but rather making a dream come true. The man would just be incidental.

Have been slowly working on my bedroom, planning on turning it into a gypsy haven. Oh yeah. Color everywhere. I'll do posts of my big projects and I have 2 big ones planned: making my own headboard and stripping and painting every piece of furniture (as well as reupholstering 2 chairs).

Let's see what happens when I glue myself to something embarrassing.

Otherwise, I realized this morning that living with Republicans who love their guns is warping my point of view. Their views have encroached on my good sense and I really don't believe a lot of what I've been parroting. I need to figure this out for myself. It's hard.

And since I'm writing this while at work, I need to get back from lunch and to my desk so let me say... I wrote a line yesterday morning whereas a character thought of another, 'how vulnerable we are when love disappears' and it resonated strongly for me. Of course it would since it was my words, but more than that, those words said a lot about my life and my emotions right now. I miss a lot of people and I'm watching my daughter get older and start planning for when she leaves.

We are all vulnerable and so dependent on being loved and loving. Facing the end of a relationship is devastating. Change can be heartbreaking. Isn't it amazing how strong women are as we lose parents, lovers, children and sometimes pieces of ourselves and just keep going?


  1. I'll be cheering you on the writing, whether it's during NaNo or not. Whatever makes you happy, period.

    On the incidental guy in movies: have you ever watched 28 days, with Sandra Bullock? I think you may enjoy it--unless you hate Sandra Bullock, in which case...

    Here's to strong women! (she says as she eats a full spoon of Nutella)

  2. Computer is back! Yay!!

    I live with a conservative too (he swears he's not a Republican but ...) One gets used to tuning out. Lucky we both have our own computers. ;-)