Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just Breathe

So Planned Parenthood is under attack again and this might become the defining fight of the next election. They want to take away our choice. They want to say what we can or cannot do with our bodies. They want us to have babies we don't want and might not be able to support but they don't plan to increase the programs and funding to take care of those children.

In fact, they want to decrease the help that's made available.

Who are they? Unfortunately, it seems to be the loudest mouthpieces in the Republican party. And men like my brother who believes that Planned Parenthood is selling fetuses and will not/can not hear any rebuttal.

I've never before felt like an election was as critical as this one feels. This country is so divided, so completely at war with one another that those who don't vote are doing the greatest disservice ever. If we don't make ourselves heard, we're going to be facing the hardest years we might know.

My brother is concerned that the democrats want to take away his guns and that matters to him. I'm terrified that the Republicans want women to lose everything and become chattel again.

Do I dream of a Hillary Clinton presidency? Oh hell no. But I'd embrace it over anyone the Republicants choose.

Ben Carson said he'd like to see Roe V Wade overturned. Huckabee thinks Kim Davis is a hero. Trump mocks women he doesn't like. Even Carly Fiorina is parroting the Planned Parenthood lies and refusing to admit the truth.

If we don't all register and vote, we can see the end of the rights we cherish. And do you want your daughter living in a world where she has no say in her body or rights equal to men's? I don't. And I think this will be the first time in my life where I'll be joining a candidate's team and working to get them elected.

I've never been more scared for the loss of our rights.


  1. That's some scary shit. I sort of heard of Roe v Wade but the others don't ring a bell. If they're for taking away a woman's rights then that's even scarier.

    Personally, I'm against abortion but I would never judge anyone else or ignore their right to do with their body as they see fit. If a woman has no say over what she can and can't do then we're all screwed.

    It is scary to think that for all the supposed progress women have made over the decades, it's reverting back to a time when, as you say Lori, women are little more than chattal. Girls like Mollie who now have to grow up and fight once more is both horrifying and sad.

    I'll keep fingers crossed you get a president who actually believes what your constitution says, about EVERYONE being EQUAL. (It does say that right? I haven't actually read it lol)

    Good luck!

  2. Men in power - and by that I mean the powerful CEOs of huge conglomerations, the hidden puppet masters hiding behind lobbyists, rich men in general - have always controlled government to one degree or another, no matter which party is dominant. And powerful men do not want powerful, independent women. They want to be in charge. Of everything!

    I'm deluged with Republican propaganda because of who I live with. I'm hoping the divide is more equal, with moderates having the greater numbers.

    What really pisses me off is the women who agree with 'their men'. They don't stand up for their rights and they don't want other women to have those rights. At the same time, they offer no solution for unwanted children; certainly they themselves would never adopt or do anything else to alleviate the problem.

    All they know what to do is talk.

  3. The phrase "war on women" has been almost as overused as "bullying," and so, many women don't pay attention to the very real erosion of their rights.

    I am so very afraid for the future of the world.