Sunday, May 31, 2015

Working For One of America's Top 100 Bosses (or How I Like Hawaii So Far)

So I had written an essay about my previous work experience (in the list of things that can only happen to me, it turns out my last employer actually made it onto a national list of America's Top 100 Worst Bosses) but I've decided not to post it. At least not now.

My experience working for him wasn't as bad as many of my co-workers because I have age and experience on my side and I just couldn't be bothered enough to take the crazy home with me. Seriously, I felt a lot more pity because there were obvious issues than I ever felt abused.

But I was happy to leave.

And life has been a really unsettling thing here. My SIL was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and if there's a good kind, then hopefully that's what she has. At least, it isn't very aggressive. But the doctors here are working on Hawaii time and trying to get things moving is like trying to push a mountain a few feet over.

It's driving me crazy because I'd be standing in waiting rooms annoying everyone till things got done.

Mollie has only 3 more days of school and then she's in high school. Carolyn: we became friends when Mollie was in kindergarten.

I've lost 30 pounds. Today we went out for lunch and it was the first time in my life I sat down hungry, could only eat half my meal cause I was full and took home a doggie bag. I almost felt guilty for not being able to eat more.

The fruits and veggies here are freaking amazing. And we grow our own oranges and eating one is like drinking a glass of juice with just a little peel in the way. They are so amazing.

Living with family is nice. It took a long adjustment for all of us and we still get a little peeved at each other but I really like being here with them. I think I didn't realize how lonely I was previously.


  1. Lori, you had a narrow escape with your previous worst boss--so glad you could get out of there before it affected you even more!

    I am very sorry for your s-i-l's diagnosis; here is hoping they caught it early enough for a successful, as painless as possible, treatment.

    Mollie: oh my good lord, high school already?

    Health: I hope sincerely that the weight loss has been a positive, healthy thing for you. I remember that you had mobility problems before, are you doing better there?

    Sending you and Mollie and the rest of your family all sorts of good thoughts.

  2. Sorry to hear about your SIL and hope for the best possible outcome.

    I'm assuming the weight loss is welcome? Being able to feel yourself not be hungry and actually pay attention to that is one of the benefits, for sure. Good on ya.

  3. I too am sorry about your SiL, Lori. Sending good vibes, positive thoughts etc. Fingers crossed it is the 'good kind' and she recovers quickly. I'm sure with the love and support of family it can only help.

    Yay on weight loss. Isn't it a great feeling?

    Mollie - high school - already? Damn! Next thing you know we will turn around and she's in college. I did have to smile at the photo of her with the gun. Maybe it's because you're in Hawaii but seeing that all I can think of is 'Skeet Surfin', from Top Secret. Random but the good kind :D

    Nice to hear your don't work for that arsehat anymore. Fingers crossed newest boss is much betterer.