Friday, May 22, 2015

Survivor 30 and Courtney Milan Isn't For Me

These two subjects have nothing at all to do with one another.

But Trade Me by Courtney Milan came out awhile ago and everyone gushed about her great contemporary and I thought I need to try it. So I did. And I had to DNF it.

Courtney Milan's voice just doesn't work for me. Not in her historicals and not in her contemporary. I wanted it to. In fact I kept reading long past the moment I realized I disliked it trying so hard to find a reason to keep reading but no... Didn't like the characters, thought the plot was implausible and just cannot read her.

Taste is what taste is.

Speaking of taste: I've not kept my Survivor addiction a secret and last night (as of the writing of this) was the season finale and Jesus, Joseph and Mary was it something to watch.

To begin, this season has had some of the most unlikable players ever. Not villains, just plain unlikable people. I would have been happy if a monsoon had swept the island and ended the season early: everyone who was even slightly worth watching got voted out too soon and the miserable pissants stayed.

It was also a season full of some of the worst televised misogyny outside of C-Span. With Dan casually saying that someone should strike Shirin and shut her up, Will's tirade where he told Shirin that nobody in the world loved her or missed her (as well as everyone just watching the train wreck till Mike showed up and shut it down)... and the men's casual treatment of Sierra as a nothing in their alliance. Oh it was hard shit to watch.

So last night Dan said he would never have said that about Shirin if he knew her history with domestic violence and Jeff nailed him: domestic violence or not, that remark is and will always be wrong. And Will's half hearted apology which Shirin refused (bless her, fuck forgiveness when the person asking for it is just pandering).

Mike won the game (yay) by winning almost all of the challenges and just proving to be a better player than the others. Carolyn (Mama C) wasn't very nice and seeing the anger on her face when she discovered Shirin was invited to Season 31 and she wasn't, was a piece of televised chocolate (yeah, you were bitchy and false to your friends and you might have played a good game but you're not a good person).

And that gorgeous hunk, Joe, with his tight little man-bun is returning for another chance in Season 31 too so maybe life on the island will be better next time.

Here's hoping.


  1. 31 seasons? Holy whattheeverlovinghellbatman! Clearly that's not one a year but still, that's a lot. It's a shame the stuff I like never seems to make it past season one. I'm still not going to 'reality' it though. Too many books in my bookcase for that :D

    Speaking of bookcases - anyone got a spare? Even with most of the books in storage, I'm finding I'm being given heaps and I buy the odd 5 buck bargain occasionally and so the one bookcase I allowed in the lounge room is chockas. Sinceriously so...

    And no - I won't get a Kindle or such. I had a lend of one and all but threw it back at the owner lol. Give me real books any day of the week.

    Oh and Sorry the book sucked Lori. Can't say I recall reading any of her books and I wonder if I should...

  2. Taste is what taste is. I'm a bit sad you didn't enjoy Ms Milan's work, historical or NA, and I do appreciate that you tried above and beyond.

    And hey, there are plenty of other really good authors out there to continue sharing.

  3. I couldn't hack the Kindle either, Lea. The Fire's my device of choice. :-D

    It's like a little ipad, only cheaper ($99, well worth the price).. I love the colors and it's so easy to make collections. I'm glad Amazon doesn't give me a book count because I'd probably have a heart attack, lol.

    Ebooks came along just in time to save my reading. There was no way I could fit anymore books in this small house. Hell, I have books in the attic! Remember the books clubs? Doubleday and SFF? Hardbacks. All up in the attic. Downstairs is covered with romance books (and Tom Clancy). I had bookcases built in. I bought bookcases. They're all full. I'm so sorry, can't spare a bookcase for you because I think the attic's full, lol.

    And Lori - that's a test of true friendship, when two friends don't like the same books. ;-) 'Cause I loved Trade Me; hell I love most anything with a HEA unless it's either boring as hell or erotica. I which case I skim.

    Try Elle Kennedy next; I liked her even better. :-)

  4. Thanks for the info Carolyn :) Bummer about the bookcase though lol. I can always get rid of... never mind, never happen! LOL 'll go and look up this Fire of which you mention, even if it's just to get a look.