Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yanno ...

... if you're looking at our blog name in a link, it reads as "Two Old Farts Stalking Romance". Somehow, in a mysterious biological twist, my brain adds another 's'.

Weird, huh? And probably true.

I'm off to find a book I can review. I find I've already reviewed Play and just because you've read a book three times doesn't mean you should review it three times.

Have I reviewed Lord of Scoundrels? I'm rereading it now. Because it was time. And then, even though I've bought beaucoups of sale books, I'm gonna reread Anne Bishop. Specifically the duology The Shadow Queen and Shalador's Lady, because they are a great "underdog comes of age and wins the day" stories. Have I written about them? I love them. Lori will know, I'll ask Lori.

I must start using labels so I'll know what I've done. It might be a case of too little too late, though, lol.

Oh. Bookcovers. One must always provide bookcovers and maybe a link. (Forget the link. Damn Blogger won't let me arrange the bookcovers the way I want to, so I'm pissed. You have all the info though, title and author and they're all over the internet. Happy Hunting!  ;-)


  1. When I first started reviewing at Karen's, I didn't understand what the deal was with tags and categories.

    Now? Every so often I'll get a wild hair and just troll my own posts, see where I missed either--because lordy, it does make keeping track of what you've talked about sooooo much easier!

  2. Review LOS. Please. Your talking about it got me started reading Loretta Chase in the first place, And now I so so lurve her.